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We invite our customers to send us images of their cars, we know your proud and we want you to show them off!  Please forward images to and we'll add your images to the one's below.  Please include some info about the images to use as a description.
Owner: Ron Bodner
Make: Porsche
Model: 924
Year: 1979

IFC Racing 944 Wide Body Conversion
IFC Racing Stationary Transparent headlight assemblies
IFC Racing Porsche Wide body/GTR kit was purchased April 20 1990
This car was built in the early 90's and still has its original paint from that time to current. 
It was the first customer built 924 wide body conversion built.
This has got to be one of the nicest 924 cars I have ever seen, beautiful interior also. Nice piece, very well done.
This car was at the PCA Hersey PA. event in May of this year.
Hello Mike,

It took 7 1/2 years to complete, but it is all together now. I started off with just wanting an after market mass air flow meter, and ended up doing a cylinder head off high performance build with Lindsey Racing in Oklahoma City OK. we designed the whole intake system, one off. the cylinder head has been ported for volume of flow as well as speed of flow. 1 mm larger stainless steel intake valves, turbo gas filled exhaust valves both with a 5 angle valve job, new springs titanium retainers, cometic 3 piece metal head gasket. The camshaft has been changed from hydraulic to solid lifter with a mild performance grind max HP will be at 6500rpm's stock cylinder head flowed 160 cfm now will flow 252 cfm. New mass airflow Pro-M univer is operated with Pro-M digital Power Perfect fuel controller, Billet fuel rail, and 55 lb per hour fuel injectors. The engine is blueprinted and balanced with total seal piston rings, turbo dished pistons, flywheel and clutch balanced. Ported throttle body by RC Engineering. And I took time out and cut a hole in the hood, and added your IFC Racing 924 GTS hood scoop to get cold outside air to the air filter.

I also made custom polished aluminum covers for the expansion tank, windshield washer reservoir, and master cylinder, none of the shine is chrome, it is all polished aluminum.

William Vaughan
Hi Mike here are some photos of the rockers on my 1989-951 Turbo S.  The car is and very reliable....sorry I didn't wash her before the pictures.

Next I will need the front end splitter....also a very cool addition that should have been factory.
I plan on a wide body kit in the winter....i want to put 19" rims with huge rubber.....any idea how big the rubber can get with the wide body kit?
I'm thinking 19-35-310 rear and 19-40-285 front...or something like that...what do you recommend.

Thanks Mike...fantastic workmanship by the way. The fit was absolutely perfect in every way....made my job very easy.

Barry Farrell
IFC Racing Parts used in this build:
944-TFN-Turbo Front Nose W/B (No Side Markers)
951-THPR-Turbo Header Panel Race
944-LWRH-Light Weight Racing Hood
968-TS Turbo Hood Scoop
944-WFF-Wide Body Front Fenders (pr.)
944-WQP-Wide Body Quarter Panels (pr.)
944-LWRD-Light Weight Racing Doors (pr.)
93468-PRHF-3/16" Polycarbonate Rear Hatch for oem Frame fit
Cyril,  that's the most beautiful one piece front I believe I have ever seen.  :-)

Thank you Mike, I could not have made it without you!
Your V8 project looks great too ‎!‎
‎Please send me more info about your splitter.
BTW, my thread on rennlist is still active and I hope you will have more and more support from the Porsche community.

Thanks again Mike!

Pics courtesy of Cyril Pernod, Champlain, NY
David Krystal 89 951 at Mid-Ohio Raceway.  IFC Racing Wide Body conversion Air Flow 200 MPH front with F-40 style extended front fenders and header panel delete hood.
Randy Warner 74 914 with oem fuel injected 911S eng. and suspension and brakes, gauges etc.  IFC Racing IMSA front air dam, 916 flares and rockers, molded rear bumper. A nice clean, well done Fast little car. 
Hey Mike, Everything mounted up to spec. The wing is very stable at speed. It held up great during our test weekend.  I attached some close up photos of the wing mount and also here is a link to my dad's flicker page with some great at track photos.  Thanks for the great fabrication job,Jack 
Jack Bell 
1980 911 Porsche
Owner: Daniel Martinez
Model : 84 944
IFC Racing Parts: 944-RBC
Date: 9/2012
Comments: Hey mike thanks for the part looks great just wanted to give u
a update.
Owner: Bryan Cascio
Location: LA

Make: Porsche
Model : 931 (924 Turbo)
Year: 1982
Eng. Stock 2 ltr completely rebuilt
Mods: Stage one cam from Intrgul cams, And a new Garrett T28 turbo
running 7.5 PSI
Body: IFC Racing Wide Body Qtr. Panels Part Number: 944-WBQP, IFC
Racing 944 Wide Body Rear Bumper Cover Part Number: 944-WBC
Wheels: Fuchs Replicas Frts. 16 x 7 Rears 16 x 8 I used the factory
spacers on all wheels and in the rear I also added 2" spacers.
Coming Soon: I will install the intercooler and up the boot to 15psi.
Owner: Greg Fitzpatrick (See story page 10)
Location: Michigan

Make: Porsche
Model: 944 S2 Cabriolet/ Now a S2 Spyder
Eng: 3.0 Liter

Body: IFC Racing Spyder Conversion Cover (Part # 9468 SPY) Wide Body
Quarter Panels (Part # 944 -WQP) , Wide Body Wheel Well Tubs (Part #
WBTS) , 944 Wide Rear Bumper Cover (944-WBC) 944 Wide Body Side Skirts
Thought you might like this pic of the biggest fleet concentration in ten years.
Little old Endeavour is the second to last ship behind the carriers.
Craig Campbell LMT
New Zealand
747 & 747 Cock Pit & 747 Instruments
Mike Young, Flight engineer 944 V8 Conversion
e-mails from friends and associates through the years
(printed with permission, I removed their last names for their privacy)

Received the panels and very impressed - quality of your work is top drawer.  I did not realize I was getting entire quarters.  Thought I would get just the flared sections that would bond on to my fenders.

You really must show some pictures on your website so people understand what they get for their dollar.  Dont know if you have priced them lately; but GTS quarters in steel are over $1,600 each and the fit quality is poor at best.  Yours are a bargain and I tried to haggle  felt bad about that after seeing your product.

Take care,

Bill G.  a VERY satisfied customer.
Maserati, Porsche 928
Mike... good timing, I just hung up the phone, the shipment is in, so I'll get it this morning. I'm excited about seeing the pieces, always hate to have to leave on business when I have new parts in the garage!

Thanks for keeping me posted on everything, it's been a good experience working with you.
Gerry B.
944 Race Car TN.
Hi Mike,
I received the scoop yesterday.
It is a piece of art work
I am so glad I sent back the other one from AIR
yours is well worth the money

Thank you,
Bill V.
944 Supercharged custom TX.
Good Morning Mike,

Just an FYI the chin spoiler was delivered today and the product quality exceeded my expectations! Thanks again.
Brody W.
944 T FL.

Please take extra pains on these doors especially the hinge mounting.
Everyone around here knows I am using IFC parts exclusively and they are really watching the fitment and Quality.

Most of these guys have been using GT Racing parts. I have bragged on your parts to all.
If you have decals please send me a couple of sets. I will be more than happy to display them on the car when it is finished.
Frankie B.
944 Race Car TN.
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